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Operation Protective Services (OPS) is fully licensed (CA-PPO10537) by the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Service.  Security Officers of Operation Protective Services is dedicated armed and unarmed security service officers with achieving excellent security guard services throughout the City and County of Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, San Jose, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area business communities. Operation Protective Services follow a strategic approach called "Secure your business for the next business day” which provides the following:

• Professional and Reliable Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
• Trained and Supervised Security Officer Personnel
• Extensive Security Management Experience
• Entrance and Access Security Officer Monitoring
• Effective Security Communication

Operation Protective Services (OPS) specializing in a full range of personal and property security services for virtually any small, medium size and large companies in southern and northern California area with armed and unarmed security officers and guards in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, San Jose, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our security services clients in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area are not just contracting security service from a run-of-the-mill security guard service with all the bells and whistles website. You can contract with a professional security organization, with recognized achievements and a excellent security service record. We can prove that our service is one of the best but not one of the rests. 

Security Services Available Permanent and Temporary 

Security Services and Patrol
Operation Protective Services are confident that we can provide the security services required for your small, medium size and large companies - operations in southern and northern California area with security officers in the greater Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Jose, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area. We are experienced in providing the listed security services and we have the resources to provide almost immediate security supervisory response to your company – operations in case of an urgent security services need. The listed security services are a small sample of our many current and prominent clients.

Offered security services includes, but are not limited:  
•  Armed Security Officers    
•  Unarmed Security Guards and Agents
•  Personal and Property Security Officers  
•  Loss Prevention Security Service Agents  
•  Crime Detection and Prevention 
•  Workplace Security Monitoring 
•  Security Personnel Training  
•  Internal Security Service Investigations
•  Electronic (CCTV) Security Surveillance  
•  Uniformed and Plain Clothes Security Officers  

Offered patrol services includes, but are not limited:
•  Patrol Services
•  Property Security Checks
•  Alarm Response
•  Parking Enforcement 
•  Traffic and Crowed Control
•  Night Deposit Escorts
•  Lock-Up /Closed and Unlock /Open Facilities
•  Witness Transport Services
•  Patrol Services Available In Our Service Areas 

For additional information of security services, or to discuss your security service needs; please call us direct or for immediate consideration please request a immediate security services quote today.  

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