Crime Detection and Prevention

Crime Detection and Prevention
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Operation Protective Services recognizes that crime detection and its prevention is a very crucial aim of the security operations of personal and property security. It involves not only the deployment of security officers on patrol duties but also to detect crime. Operation Protective Services is committed to explore security measures both proactive and reactive to ensure a safe and secure of personal and property in the business communities we serve.
To inform and assure the personal and property that Operation Protective Services has a duty to perform to ensure a crime free business locations. And to inform the appropriate management staff, personnel and visitors also know that they have a role to play in crime detection and prevention. 
Crime prevention is a term describing techniques used for decreasing crime and criminal activities as well as deterring crime and criminals. It is applied to efforts made by security to reduce crime, enforce the property management rules, and maintain security and safety.
Crime prevention is a policy that seeks to reduce or eliminate crime at your business locations. It involves both Operation Protective Services, property management and based security programs, which aims at reducing crime and criminal participation.
Operation Protective Services can provide property security services to entrance and access security monitoring of persons and property safety but to detect criminal activities as well. For instance the mere presence of security officers at your business property is enough to deter the commission of a crime.
OPS security officer services, for your personal and business property for virtually any small, medium size and large companies in the greater Los Angeles, Southern and Northern California area.

In todays' less than the prompt response from local law enforcement personnel, we can respond much quicker to property concerns or alarms at your location. We monitor, patrol, inspect protection devices, fire control equipment, and checking for any other irregularities. Preserves order and may enforce regulations.

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