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When your business decision to contract a property security officer services for your personal and/or property security. Operation Protective Services officers can act as a visual deterrent to assist in reducing the possibility of security concerns at your place of business or property.
Operation Protective Services Security Agents and Officers can be very effective in deterring customers and employees in gross acts of dishonesty. For example, a parking lot security officer who preforms routine patrol rounds and investigates car alarms can cause a thief to go elsewhere. A security officer monitoring departing employees at a High Tech facility has a dampening effect on potential acts of dishonesty.
Operation Protective Services security agents and officers can patrol your property 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, during the hours when your employees are not present or present. OPS Security Officers can do the following functions:
•    A deterrent to criminal activity by their unformed security presence. Property security officers can monitor late night employees, customers and/or visitors to ensure their safety.
•    Property security officers can lock assigned gates, doors, etc.; and can also unlock assigned gates, doors, at designated times. Entrance and access monitoring etc.
•    Property security officers can check your internal and/or exterior doors, windows; and also can walk the premises of your property in conjunction with their foot and/or patrol services duties.
•    Property security officers can identify unauthorized vehicles and persons and have them removed including; ticketed unauthorized vehicles. And our property security officers can check for safety hazards on your property.
•    Property security officers can verify the working order of automatic gates, etc. property security officers can check for vagrants and trespassers and remove them from the property.
Property security services are one of many of our most notable service and Operation Protective Services is your best source to secure your assets “for the next business day”. Our property security officers are licensed, screened, trained and professionally uniformed to perform security related duties and detail on your property.
In todays' less than prompt response from local law enforcement personnel, Operation Protective Services can provide a full range of security services to protect your personal and/or property. Property security services includes foot and vehicle patrols, observation, incident response, deterring illegal and inappropriate actions, security lobby reception and gate station attendance, public relations, reporting, and security CCTV monitoring. We inspect your property for signs of entry and if necessary, report the situation to the local police and your key management personnel.
OPS have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience that enables us to provide skilled security officers who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to provide security solutions, deterrent physical security for your personal, property, managers, including their tenants, employees, customers and visitors.

In todays' less than the prompt response from local law enforcement personnel, we can respond much quicker to property concerns or alarms at your location. We monitor, patrol, inspect protection devices, fire control equipment, and checking for any other irregularities. Preserves order and may enforce regulations.

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