Operation Protective Services specializing in a full range of personal and property security services for virtually any small, medium size and large companies in southern and northern California area with professional security officers and guard patrol services in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, Orange, San Diego, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Commercial Real Estate

OPS commercial real estate security officers who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to provide real estate security solutions, deterrent physical security for high rise office building and commercial real estate for owners, managers, including their tenants, employees, and visitors.

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Healthcare Facilities

Operation Protective Services are highly visible and highly able, to provide the healthcare institutions continuous, professional and reliable healthcare security, meaning we provide a safe, responsive and secure environment. OPS deliver excellence by protecting your healthcare facilities, including their visitors and employees.

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Marine, Docks and Seaports

OPS understands that the state and local governments of California, and the private commercial customers would like to secure marine docks and seaport facilities as to requiring compliance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act and Security and Accountability for every Port Act regulations.

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Banks & Financial Institutions

OPS have extensive knowledge and experience in financial institutions bank security operations for the purpose of safety, financial facilities, and confidentiality of their critical data and information that needs to be protected by OPS security officers. 

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Retail Stores & Shopping Malls

OPS understand the specific needs and requirements for the retail shopping stores OPS also understand that having an employee to perform retail security related duties are not advisable. Store employees are not properly trained and/or not lessened to perform retail security related duties, can not only get them hurt, but, also can be liable if the situation turns bad or even out of control.

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Hotels and Motels

OPS understands when it comes to protecting your guests and employees, and guarding against theft and burglary, OPS have significant security resources to provide security professionals who understand and meet the specific needs of your environment.

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Office & High Rise Buildings

OPS is recognized statewide for the excellence of its professional office building security services and security management. OPS office buildings security administration has extensive knowledge and experience in providing security service for high-rise office buildings including commercial real estate throughout the State of California for decades. OPS are dedicated to achieving excellence for building owners and managers. 

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Residential Communities

OPS have a long and continuous relationship in working with various low, medium, and high-income residential communities throughout the Northern and Southern California as a trusted, competent, and dependable residential security services firm.

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Public & Private Schools

OPS understands the Security and Safety of public and private schools are one of great concerns for our students, parents, and educational institutions. Everyone concerns over vulnerability, school yard bullies, cyber threats, inappropriate text messaging and identity theft present a whole new level in school security programs and special school security services that requires advanced preparedness to alleviate risk factors from such negative elements.

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Parking Enforcement

OPS provide uniformed security officers to monitor, patrol and bicycle patrol randomly for checking your parking facility. OPS design a parking lot security program to establish guidelines and procedures for vehicles in violation. Our security officers are highly experienced and will keep your parking garage facilities at best by minimizing congestion and maintaining a safe and secure environment.

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Retail Loss Prevention

OPS understand the specific needs and requirements for the retail shopping centers, malls and groceries stores. Our loss prevention security officers are trained in conflict resolution, vehicle theft, vandalism, child endangerment, loss prevention, and cultural sensitivity. Our loss prevention officers are highly visible, as to interact with customers, and their employees and vendors.

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Security Patrol Services

OPS Security Patrol Services can act as a visual deterrent to assist in reducing the possibility of security concerns at your property.

OPS Security patrol service vehicle-officers can visit your property periodically during the hours when your employees are not present.

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OPS - Security Services Available Permanent and Temporary


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