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Operation Protective Services - OPS recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe, secure, and violence-free workplace. OPS are dedicated to providing a violence-free workplace from actions or threats of violence. However, some kinds of violence or threats result from societal problems that are beyond OPS’s control, Operation Protective Services believes and understands that various security measures can be adopted to increase the protection of person and property to provide a safe, secure and violence-free workplace.

Consequently, there is no one single answer to explain why gun violence occurs in workplace settings. Workplace violence, whether it is defined narrowly to include only violent criminal acts, or broadly to include verbal threats; has long affected workers and businesses. During the commission of a criminal action, workers in high-risk occupations and locations, is usually the target and an employee becomes victimized during such act. In the (workplace) business setting, the targets are co-workers and supervisors regardless of the nature of the occupations or business. It is disconcerting that we can no longer feel safe and secure in an otherwise safe and secure setting such as our workplace are business.

Operation Protective Services believes and understands that prevention of workplace violence begins with recognition and awareness of potential initial warning signs of a situation that presents the risks of injury and death by violence. Workplace violence includes threats of any kind; threatening or physically aggressive or violent behavior; harassing or threatening telephone calls; stalking; other behavior that suggests a propensity toward violence such as belligerent speech, excessive arguing or swearing, sabotage or threats of sabotage of workplace property; a demonstrated pattern or refusal to follow workplace security policies and security procedures; defacing workplace property or causing physical damage to company; or bringing weapons, firearms or any device reasonably believed to be hazardous or a threat on company premises.

In an effort to ensure the proper security of workers, company premises and related work locations, Operation Protective Services understands as with any workplace and/or business locations the foremost responsibility of security may visit, inspect, monitor and/or provide camera surveillance at certain locations, and from time to time, as conditions warrant to include notification of appropriate management staff, personnel and visitors of the potential danger.

Operation Protective Services can provide you with workplace security services, for your employees and property locations for virtually any small, medium size and large companies in Southern and Northern California area; including the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Jose, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area.

In todays' less than the prompt response from local law enforcement personnel, we can respond much quicker to property concerns or alarms at your location. We monitor, patrol, inspect protection devices, fire control equipment, and checking for any other irregularities. Preserves order and may enforce regulations.

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