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Operation Protective Services differ over the effectiveness of low-tech devices like battery-operated doorbells, convex mirrors in the lobby and hallways of the hotel and motel area and other locations. Guests see them and say, “I'll be safe and protected here”. But if the battery operated doorbells and convex mirrors are not effected, you may have a develop situation. 
Operation Protective Services is committed to the advancement of hotel and motel security operations and life safety and security in the hotel and motel industry. OPS hotel and motel security management and supervisor professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in the hotel and motel security operations, investigations, management, and security software programs to protect your hotel and motel community.
OPS understands when it comes to protecting your guests and employees, and guarding against theft and burglary, OPS have significant security resources to provide security professionals who understand and meet the specific needs of your environment.


Serving All of Greater Los Angeles, Northern and Southern California