Manufactories and Warehouse Security Services | Protect | Access | Monitor

Operation Protective Services experience in providing security services to the requests of large, multiplex and multi-location manufacturing facilities. OPS understands that businesses lose multi-millions of dollars ever year due to outside threats and trusted insiders. Such losses threaten profitability and increase costs to the consumer. OPS also understand that the manufacturing and warehouse industries play a huge role in the United States economy and infrastructure.
OPS manufacturing and wearhouse security program is dedicated to achieving excellence for the manufacturing industry. OPS follow a strategic approach called "Securing your business for the next business day” which provides the following:
Prompt and Courteous Customer Service
Professional and Reliable Warehouse Security Personnel
Foot, Vehicle, and Bicycle Patrol
Certified, Trained, and Supervised Security Personnel
Trusted, Competent, and Dependable Manufactories Security Personnel
Crime Detection and Prevention
Employees and Visitors Entrance and Access Monitoring
Effective Communication
Safeguarding People and Assets Protection
Parcel, Dock and Vehicle Inspections
Loss Prevention and Safety Audits
Fire/Life Safety Program Development and Training

OPS have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience that enables us to provide skilled wearhouse security officers who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to provide security solutions, deterrent physical security for manufacturing industry.


Serving All of Greater Los Angeles, Northern and Southern California