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Operation Protective Services have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience to provide marine security officer services to the marine docks and seaports facilities throughout California. OPS specializing in a full range of personal and property security services protection for virtually any type or size marine docks and seaports facilities.
OPS understands that the state and local governments of California, and the private commercial customers would like to secure marine docks and seaport facilities as to requiring compliance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act and Security and Accountability for every Port Act regulations. OPS exists to meet California’s demand for professional and quality seaport and vessel security services, including comprehensive security solutions for industrial ports, barges, foreign, and domestic ships port facilities, marine and ferry docks, and cargo loading facilities.

Training of Security Officers

OPS professional marine security officers are highly trained and who can provide the required dock security services to secure your marine docks and seaport facilities and less vulnerable. Operation Protective Services, would have all required security training tailored just to meet your specific needs, incorporating services within seaport facilities operating in environments governed and regulated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act such as:
US Coast Guard Maritime Safety Regulations
International Ship and Seaport Security Program
Act US Coast Guard Maritime Safety Regulations
State Statutes and Safe Seaports Act
Maritime Transportation Safety Act (MTSA)

Seaports and Docks facilities responsibilities include:
Facility Access Control
Verification of Identification
Vehicle Search and Inspections
Security Training Managers
Inspection of Containers to Ensure 
Inspection of Proper Seals and Documentation
Weigh Master Scale Operations
Foot, Bike, and Mobile Patrols
Camera and Alarm Monitoring
Escorting of Emergency Response Team
GS Transportation Workers Identification
OPS also provides additional training programs such as:
Seaport Security and Daily Operations
Commercial Vessel Safety Awareness
Marine Environmental Protection and Response
Vehicle and Trailer/Railcar Search
Emergency Response and Evacuation Protocol
Terrorism Awareness Training
Counter Surveillance Training

OPS have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience that enables us to provide skilled marine security officers who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to provide security solutions, deterrent physical security for marine docks and seaports facilities, including their customers, employees, and visitors.


Serving All of Greater Los Angeles, Northern and Southern California