Residential Security Services | Safe | Protect | Serve | Community 
Operation Protective Services have a long and continuous relationship in working with various low, medium, and high-income residential communities throughout the Northern and Southern California as a trusted, competent, and dependable residential security services firm.
OPS residential security management and supervisor professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in all residential security service operations, investigations, management, and security software programs to protect your residential community.
OPS follow a strategic approach called "Securing your business for the next business day” which provides the following:

  • Prompt and Courteous Customer Service
  • Professional and Reliable Security Officers
  • Certified, Trained, and Supervised Security Officers
  • Effective Communication
  • Entrance and Access Security Monitoring
  • Parking Enforcement and Traffic Control
  • Community and Facility Patrol
  • Emergency Coordination and Evacuation
  • Personal and Property Vacation Checks
  • Crime Detection and Prevention
  • Tenant Services and Retention
  • Depth of Residential Security and Safety

Our expertise and strengths are rooted in our organizational structure.  What makes our organizational structure unique; is that we never forget that we work for you and all of our current clients are at the summit of our organizational pyramid.


Serving All of Greater Los Angeles, Northern and Southern California