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Operation Protective Services understands that retail shopping stores requires a unique approach from a highly recognizable and professional retail security services such as Operation Protective Services. OPS understand the specific needs and requirements for the retail shopping stores OPS also understand that having an employee to perform retail security related duties are not advisable. Store employees are not properly trained and/or not lessened to perform retail security related duties, can not only get them hurt, but, also can be liable if the situation turns bad or even out of control.
Our retail security officers are trained in conflict resolution, vehicle theft, vandalism, child endangerment, loss prevention, and cultural sensitivity. Our officers are highly visible, as to interact with customers, tenants, and their employees and vendors.
Our security administration has extensive knowledge and experience in providing security services for the retail shopping industry throughout California that enables us to provide security officers who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated.
OPS work with retail owners, management, and property owners to improve the provision of safety and services within the retail shopping industry. Retail store owners, management, and property owners face an increasing challenge as they strive to increase a secure and friendly shopping environment for their customers, tenants,  and their employees.
OPS security supervisor professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in retail shopping stores security operations, internal investigations, management, and security software programs to protect your retail shopping centers.
Our security can provide your retail shopping stores and retail centers with the following services;

·  Prompt and Courteous Customer Service
·  Professional and Reliable Security Personnel
·  Responsive Security Services
·  Effective Communication
·  Loss Prevention
·  Foot and Mobile Patrols
·  Camera and Alarm Monitoring
·  Escorting of Emergency Response Personnel
·  Parking Enforcement and Traffic Control
·  Emergency Coordination and Evacuation
   Specific Shopping Center Training

Training of Retail Security Officers

OPS security officers would have all required security training tailored just to meet your specific security needs, including services within retail shopping stores and centers environments such as:

·  Training Managers
·  High-Risk and Confrontation Training
·  Cultural Diversity Appreciation
·  Fire Safety
·  Emergency and Evacuation Preparedness
·  Driver Safety Training
·  Foot and Mobile Patrol Techniques
·  Special Events Management
·  Camera and Alarm Monitoring
·  Terrorism Awareness
·  Risk Management and Liability
·  Accompanying of Emergency Response
OPS have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience that enables us to provide skilled security officers who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to provide security solutions, deterrent physical security for your retail shopping facilities, including their customers, employees, and visitors.
For additional information of retail security services, or to discuss your store security needs; please call us direct or for immediate consideration please request a immediate security services quote today.


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