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Operation Protective Services understands the Security and Safety of public and private schools are one of great concerns for our students, parents, and educational institutions. Everyone concerns over vulnerability, school yard bullies, cyber threats, inappropriate text messaging and identity theft present a whole new level in school security programs and special school security services that requires advanced preparedness to alleviate risk factors from such negative elements.
OPS provides highly trained school security specialists from within the local community to provide a variety of school security services which provides the following:
Professional and Reliable School Security Guards
Certified, Trained, and Supervised Security Guard Personnel
Trusted, Competent, and Dependable Security Personnel
Uniformed Security Officers and Patrol Services
Foot, Bike and Mobile Patrol
Electronics and School Security Monitoring
Parking Lot and Facility Security 
CPR and First Aid
Schools Crime Detection and Prevention
Entrance and Access Monitoring
Effective Communication
Safeguarding People and Assets, Security
Escort services
Reporting and Other Written Documentation
As with any public and private school community, the foremost responsibility of school security is the rapid response to immediate physical harm such as fires to include notification of appropriate management staff, engineering personnel, students, and visitors of the potential danger.
Operation Protective Services will work with you to develop a school security program that will meet your school security needs that will develop into a long lasting business relationship.


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