Telecommunication Security | Communication | Protect | Access
The telecommunications industries are at a rapid paced in similarities, unique and requires a unique approach from a highly recognizable and professional security services of Operation Protective Services. OPS understands the specific needs and requirements for the telecommunications industries. OPS security management and supervisor professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in telecommunications security operations, internal investigations, management, and security software programs to protect your telecommunications facilities. 
OPS understands that the telecommunications industries requires such security services and security programs of controlling access, protecting intellectual property, reducing internal theft, securing both circuit and packet switched networks, or safeguarding people and assets also including; innovative, comprehensive and integrated to maximize effectiveness.
Training of Security Officers
OPS professional security officers are highly trained and comprehensive knowledge and experience that enables us to provide skilled security officers who are knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to provide security solutions, deterrent physical security for the telecommunications industries, including their customers, employees, and visitors. 


Serving All of Greater Los Angeles, Northern and Southern California