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California has various form of public transportation such as airplanes, trains, buses, and subway systems; and they all have the same risk factors and concerns, as they are public environments and require a high level of service and must be protected.
OPS also understands there are non-public transportation such as private airplanes, school bus, charter, or sight-touring transportation that require a high level of service and must be protected as well.
Public and private transportation systems often share terminals and other facilities. However, the smaller transportation systems are independently owned and operated. Though most agencies are owned and operated by governmental or quasi-governmental organizations.
Operation Protective Services professional transportation security team can provide a variety of transportation security officer services with specialized services and customized solutions for all types of transportation facilities. OPS are dedicated to achieving excellence for the transportation industry, such as providing advance comprehensive strategic approach that enhances capabilities to detect, deter, and prevent.
OPS can provide your transportation facilities with the following services included, but are not limited to:
Prompt and Courteous Customer Service
Professional and Reliable Transportation Security Personnel
Certified, Trained, and Supervised Security Personnel
Trusted, Competent, and Dependable Security Personnel
Transportation Security Management Experience
Crime Detection and Prevention
Entrance and Access Monitoring
Effective Communication
Safeguarding People and Assets
Increase Security Officers of Random, Unpredictable Deterrence
Security Training, Drills and Exercises
OPS have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience that enables us to provide skilled transportation security officers who are knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to provide security solutions, deterrent physical security for the transportation companies.


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