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Operation Protective Services have a long and continuous relationship in working with various construction site companies throughout the Northern and Southern California area, as a trusted, competent, and dependable construction site security firm.
A construction site loss of equipment and supplies from theft makes construction site projects more expensive and lost time. Contractors get strike with the loss but eventually incorporate it into their operating cost. When the lowest bidder includes a cost for equipment and construction-material loss, who actually pays for the loss? The construction companies are their customers!
OPS construction site security management and supervisor professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in construction site security. Our construction site security services program and security solutions to your construction site project safety and security concerns. OPS can provide you with a no obligation evaluation of your construction site security tailored just for your specific needs. OPS can evaluate the most secured, dependable, and efficient construction site security solution to meet your specific security needs.
OPS follow a strategic approach called "Secure your business for the next business day” which provides the following:
Professional and Reliable Construction Site Security Officers
Response to the Report of an Construction Site Alarm Interruption
Intermittent Site Inspections by the Onsite Security Officers
Certified, Trained, and Supervised Security Officers
Effective Communication
Monitoring Local and Remote Perimeter Alarm
Provision of Observable Perimeter Signage
Entrance and Access Monitoring to your Construction Site
Traffic Control and Construction Site Security Patrol

OPS have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience that enables us to provide skilled construction site security officers who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated.


Serving All of Greater Los Angeles, Northern and Southern California