Special Event and Entertainment Security | Protect | Access | Monitor
Operation Protective Services understands that no one can plan for every contingency, but OPS can provide careful analysis of your special event are entertainment security including:
• Television Networks
• Cyber and Computer Networks
• Private Events
• Casinos
• Theme Parks
• Sports Events
• Corporate Events

Public events and various other venues in the entertainment industry that can help us determine specific security you need permanently or temporary and the event location.
Our special event/entertainment security administration has extensive knowledge and experience in providing security services for entertainment and special events throughout California, that enables us to provide special event security officers who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to provide direct communication link to summon Police, Fire, or Medical Aid. Our security can provide your entertainment or special event with the following services:
• Uniformed Special Event Security Officers
• Trained and Supervised Security Personnel
• Crowd Control
• Parking Control
• Security Event management and coordination with local law enforcement and medical response team. 
• Hospitality and Safety
• Guests and visitors assistance with directions on where to enter the entertainment or special events.
• Greeting guests and visitors as they arrive at the entertainment or special event.
• Registration assistance to guests and visitors with finding their assigned seating 
• Direction assistance to common areas such as restrooms, public phones, and concessions.
• Monitor closed areas of the entertainment or special event.
• Patrol, monitor and secure entertainment or special event equipment and vehicles.
• Monitor compliance with alcohol beverage policies.
• Check backpacks and perform searches at designated entertainment or special event.
• Disabled assistances for handicapped members of your entertainment or special event.
• Prompt and Courteous Customer Service
• Foot, Vehicle and Bicycle Patrol

Operation Protective Services is recognized statewide for the excellence of its professional security services and special event/entertainment security management. OPS have significant security resources to provide security professionals who understand and meet the specific needs of your entertainment or special event environment.